Shortlist of Ecotechnologies
The aim of the integrated evidence-based review of ecotechnologies is to systematically collate scientific research of existing and emerging ecotechnologies, as well as of the economic models and policy instruments that support the implementation and development of these technologies in countries in the Baltic Sea region.


Assessment of full text articles from the systematic mapping exercise will allow for a comprehensive list of eco-technologies to be compiled from the literature.

The Shortlist of eco-technologies represents the results of the initial mapping step of the systematic map, whereby 40% of the agricultural evidence and 60% of the wastewater evidence has been screened for relevance and coded, to date. This list of eco-technologies is thus not a comprehensive list from the evidence base, but the evidence has been sorted randomly, such that this 40 and 60 percent is a representative sample of the evidence base as a whole.

This methodology has enabled us to assess eco-technologies whilst coding and mapping of evidence is ongoing. The next upcoming deliverable will include the final database of eco-technologies and studies from 100% of each of the two sets of evidence. It will be completed and uploaded on this page later in 2018.

This Shortlist of eco-technologies lists the eco-technologies found from an assessment of the evidence relating to reuse of carbon and nutrients in the Baltic Sea Region from agricultural and municipal wastewater sectors.

The results of this coding are available in the additional files below.

List of agriculture eco-technologies and List of municipal wastewater eco-technologies.

Download the full deliverable below: