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2020-01-30 New film showcases solutions for Baltic Sea eutrophication

Launch of documentary on innovations for recycling nutrients from agriculture and wastewater.

Today sees the launch of the short film Sea of Opportunity.  The 18-minute film was produced by the EU co-funded project BONUS RETURN and will be available to watch online at 1600 CET at

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New film showcases solutions for Baltic Sea eutrophication

New film features innovators and sustainability experts discussing solutions for nutrient recycling in the Baltic Sea Region…

Two new techs to combat Baltic eutrophication get pre-commercialization boost

Testing has started on technologies which aim to recycle waste phosphorus as agricultural fertilizer, in demonstration sites in Sweden.

Winners in Innovation Challenge selected

Innovative companies from Germany, Finland and The Netherlands have been successful in the competition.

Finalists in the Baltic Sea Innovation Challenge

Four finalists with innovations addressing the reuse of nutrients and carbon are now nominated.

EU competition for innovations in the Baltic Sea region

The BONUS RETURN project is offering pre-commercialization support to top ideas for reducing nutrient and carbon emissions in the Baltic Sea region.

BONUS RETURN kicks off

A new EU funded project aimed at turning waste into profit officially kicked off.