What does Bonus Return do?

Starting from a circular economy approach, BONUS RETURN shows the potential for eco-technologies to turn pollution and waste into profit in the Baltic Sea Region. This is done by bringing together research, local authorities and the private sector to identify and pilot economically and environmentally efficient technologies
Process of the program
  • 1. Evidence Base
    The project compiles evidence on eco-technologies for nutrient reuse to understand what has worked, where and under what conditions.
  • 2. Better understanding
    Models hydrological flows to obtain a better understanding of current and future scenarios of nutrient and carbon streams in BONUS RETURN’s pilot cases.
  • 3. Innovation
    Invites innovations that need further tests, business plans and a link to markets, to participate in the project’s competition, The Baltic Sea Nutrients and Carbon Reuse Challenge.
  • 4. Assessment
    Assesses environmental, social and economic costs and benefits of selected eco-technologies.
  • 5. Tailors procurement and business plans
    Tailors procurement and business plans for eco technologies in three Baltic municipalities, namely: Sweden, Finland and Poland.
  • 6. Brings onboard stakeholders
    Brings onboard stakeholders by providing a platform for interaction between researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and municipalities through an innovative decision support tool
Stakeholder Engagement
Provides a platform for interaction between researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and municipalities; and develops a decision support tool to simulate scenarios and facilitate interaction.