Sustainability of Ecotechnologies
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Evidence-based, or evidence-informed environmental management is the process of dealing with anthropogenic pressures in natural systems using knowledge of what works best in a given system.

Sustainability Analyses
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BONUS RETURN uses a tailor-made approach of Sustainability Analysis to assess identified criteria that are key when decisions of large investments for complex situations, such as eco-technologies, are contemplated.

Nutrient Flows Assessment
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BONUS RETURN uses a participatory modelling approach through the Soil & Water Assessment Tool (SWAT). This tool was developed to predict the impacts of land management practices on hydrological regimes and the loading of surface waters in complex watersheds over long periods of time.

Innovation for Ecotechnologies
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BONUS RETURN facilitates pre commercialisation of winning eco-technologies emerging from the Call for Innovations.

Regional Collaboration
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This part of the project provides a platform that enables a co-enquiry process between stakeholders, the project, and the Baltic Sea Region. At the regional level, the 40 municipalities connected to Race For The Baltic act as a sounding board to provide input to the selection of eco-technologies.

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