Innovation for Ecotechnologies
BONUS RETURN is currently facilitating pre-commercialization of the three winning eco-technologies that emerged from the project's competition, 'The Baltic Sea Nutrient & Carbon Reuse Challenge'.

Ravita from Finland, TerraNova Energy from Germany and Aquacare from Netherlands are the three winners who are now part of the project’s pre-commercialisation phase.

The focus is on further developing their ecotechnologies to a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 or higher, depending on the specific needs.

The steps being followed in this Pre-commercialisation phase are:

  1. Setting up test-beds.
  2. Developing business models and tools for stakeholder collaboration and sharing of resources (sites and equipment).
  3. Risk and benefit analyses as well as tools for procurement of innovations (for example pre-commercial procurement and functional procurement).