Sustainability Analyses

BONUS RETURN will use a tailor-made approach of Sustainability Analysis to assess identified criteria that are key when decisions of large investments for complex situations, such as eco-technologies, are contemplated.

Sustainability Analysis has been applied for the choice of eco-innovative water and wastewater systems for new city districts such as Norra Djurgårdsstaden in Stockholm and H+ in Helsingborg. It has also been used for long term strategic decisions of wastewater and organic waste systems e.g. in Gothenburg, and has been applied for the selection of peri-urban water and wastewater management in the coastal areas of Southern Sweden.

In BONUS RETURN, this approach will be used to assess eco-technologies’ sustainability previously identified through the Systematic Reviews, and to shorlist innovative eco-technologies in the Call for Innovation . Alternatives are evaluated based on how well they meet definition of the scope, that is, the required benefits of the eco-technologies based on all the sustainability aspects and of national, regional and local objectives and policies.

The strength of the Sustainability Analysis is that it is based on all of the five sustainability criteria:

– Health and hygiene

– Choice of long term environmental issues

– Economic issues

– Social-cultural issues

– Technical function.