Serious Game System for climate change adaptation

Serious Game System for climate change adaptation

Neil Powell, Thao Do and Steven Bachelder, presented BONUS RETURN’s concept on visualisation and serious gaming at the 5th Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation, NOCCA, in Norrköping, Sweden on October 23-25 where more than 400 participants were present.

Using serious game systems (SGS) to mediate learning and transformation in situations characterized by controversy and uncertainty in a changing climate

The team gave a presentation on the process design for the Serious Game System in BONUS RETURN, and how serious gaming increases the understanding of complex challenges and opportunities in climate change adaptation by creating engagement with different stakeholder groups.

Process design for the serious game system in BONUS RETURN

The presentation included the following examples of various narratives to be considered by scientists in communicating climate visualization.

  1. The ‘normal’ narrative: the role scientists have in communicating the risks associated with climate change adaptation.
  2. The global sustainable development narrative: the importance of a safe and just space for humanity in creating inclusive and sustainable economic development.
  3. The local narrative: changes in practises and understanding. An illustration of two different ways of understanding wetland management of Atlantic Marshes.
  4. A regional sustainability narrative: an example of translocation of the Danish pig industry to less regulated Baltic Sea Region contexts.
  5. A trans-regional sustainability narrative: the implementation of the renewable energy directive in the Baltic Sea Region and palm oil production in West Kalimantan.
  6. The intersectional narrative: gender perspectives on the role of municipalities as implementers of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) in Coastal Sweden –acknowledging the presence of power.
  7. Framing’ matters in Adaptation: interdependencies; complexity; uncertainty; controversy and agency.
  8. The Post Normal Narrative: different stakeholders see different systems, with different constraints.


Read more and download the presentation below.

Neil PowellStakeholder engagement expert, BONUS RETURN

Thao DoStakeholder engagement researcher, BONUS RETURN

Steven BachelderSerious gaming expert, BONUS RETURN