Serious Game System – MONITOR ECOTECH

MONITOR ECOTECH is an interactive digital Serious Game System underpinned by socio-ecological data and simulated dynamics. This supports an exploratory learning environment to enhance the adaptive capacity of stakeholders to respond to disaster risks from unexpected nutrient and pollution emissions that threaten the safety and security of the Baltic Sea.

The overall aim of the Serious Game System is to provide a creative, safe and inclusive learning space that invites deliberation over the feasibility of different constellations of ecotechnologies by drawing on the empirical insights generated by the BONUS RETURN project. 

Each turn requires the player to make ecotechnology choices that significantly impact the flows of nutrients into the Baltic Sea and the status of different stakeholder interests.

The digital game keeps track of data and values of the various flows in the system and how these flows are impacted by developments and ecotechnologies as chosen by the players. The emissions of nutrients are also calculated and tracked throughout the game. The game hosts a series of scenarios and outcomes which further illustrate how player’s choices and system shocks impact the system.

For more information about MONITOR ECO TECH’s key attributes, mechanics, functions and methodologies (game engine, graphics, user testing, data and structure), read the report D.6.8 – Serious Game System – MONITOR ECO TECH.